Public File

Get to know us a little better.

Every community radio station in the United Kingdom is required to keep within its own “format”. Ofcom, the UK radio regulator provides an issued document to regulate music, news, etc. This document is to give you a better insight into what we are doing for our community. 

Shire Sounds Radio like each community station in the UK has obligations with regard to its programmes, including its music and content.


The Public File is just one indicator of our output. Just ask us if you’d like a hard copy. If you have any comments on it, let us know or if necessary, contact our regulator, Ofcom.


Except in special or exceptional circumstances, the station broadcasts a national news bulletin hourly from 06:00 until 21:00 (06:00 until 18:00 on weekends), with some additional headlines in weekday breakfast and drive periods. Bulletins contain a mix of national and world stories, along with sport, weather and entertainment news.


Our live presenters will aim to deliver as much local news & content as possible during live shows. In circumstances such as a major event, we will deliver a local bulletin at the top of the hour.


If you would like to contact our in-house news team, you can email Katie Donnelly (Head of News & Journalism) via news@shiresoundsradio.co.uk


Our news pages online show some of our most recent stories – Click here to read them.


All news (excluding local/regional) is produced by “Radio News Hub”. www.radionewshub.com


Contact Radio News Hub at team@radionewshub.com or on 01132 269484


The news operation is based at: Radio News Hub Limited, Office 43, The Sugar Mill, Oakhurst Avenue, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS11 7HL



Shire Sounds Radio broadcasts twenty-four hours a day, with programmes as listed on our website page. This includes details of all the shows for the coming week as well as quick links to all the presenter pages.


Programme Production

All programming is produced at our studios in Kettering, North Northamptonshire. With local content for 8 hours a day during weekdays (18:00 – 23:00), and 12 hours on weekends (09:00 – 21:00). Some broadcasts could be pre-recorded or remote live broadcast from the local area. 


During times of adverse weather or a critical incident in the area, we will aim to deliver additional live programming.

Local Programming

Ofcom, the government regulator with responsibility for local radio, has produced localness guidelines that this station adheres to. These can be viewed here.


Station Contact Details

Post: Shire Sounds Radio, Unit 3 Gretton Brook Road, Corby, Northants, England, NN17 4BA

Phone: 01536647150

Email: studio@shiresoundsradio.co.uk

Website: www.shiresoundsradio.co.uk


Events/Charities support or coverage

The station intends to stage several events throughout the year supporting charity – raising money for people across North Northamptonshire.



We believe Shire Sounds Radio belongs to the areas it serves. Any suggestions or thoughts on our output are always much valued and are crucial in running a service truly designed for the region.



Shire Sounds Radio is licensed to play ‘mainstream music’. It plays, accordingly, a mix of current mainstream pop songs alongside throwback chart hits from the last fourty years. You can view our main playlist here.


How to complain

Live, entertaining radio always carries some risk. We try to get things right, and not all programmes will be to everyone’s taste. When we do make mistakes, we’ll try to take appropriate action as quickly as we can.


Please do get in touch with any comments – praise or complaints, and we’ll consider them carefully.


Contact us via: feedback@shiresoundsradio.co.uk