Sarah Langdon / Presenter

Name: Sarah Langdon
Birthplace: Leicester
Describe yourself in 3 words: Loud, Talkative. Confident
Interesting fact about me: I grew up in the town that Stephen Fry and Charlie from Busted went to school.
Favorite song and why: I listen to so much music but my go to will always be Queen of Peace by Florence and the Machine. I have it in my car, on my phone… just in case!
Ideal night out/in: Ideal night out would be a good pub quiz or going dancing with the girls. Night in, would definitely be a take out and a good box set.
What do you love about Kettering: It is such a friendly town! I have been made to feel really welcome since moving here in 2017.
Favorite place in Kettering: I love the Market Place. Billionaires and the Kino Lounge are great! I love walking my dogs around the countryside here too.
Favorite part of working at Shire Sounds: Keeping people company during their day and hopefully making them smile. The team here aren’t bad either!

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