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Martin Brown / Assistant Manager

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Name: Martin Brown

Birthplace: Kettering

Describe yourself in 3 words: Random, Funny, Caring

Give us an interesting fact about yourself:  I once stood on Brian Mays toe after an interview with him and Kerry Ellis

What is your favourite song of all time and why?   Changes on a regular basis. I’ll go for Shadow Of The Day by Linkin Park as from a young age I have said I would like it to be played at my funeral. A slightly less morbid one would be wait for it from Hamilton as the lyrics really speak to me and I have a tattoo on my left leg that says “death doesn’t discriminate” around the comedy and tragedy theatre masks on top of a treble clef. Death doesn’t discriminate is a line from the song itself.

Describe your ideal night out/in: Night In – pizza few ciders and either a decent movie or more likely a decent game to play.
Night Out – good friends and a decent cider – I’m not an alcoholic I promise!

What do you love about Kettering? I love the community in Kettering. As a Corby resident it comes a very close second to the community at home.

What is your favourite place in Kettering?  Either the THEATS rehearsal unit or the lighthouse theatre. As a thespian I love putting shows on and the process if rehearsals so I have a lot of good memories in those 2 places

What is your favourite part of being involved with Shire Sounds?:Being involved in a radio station that genuinely has the community at its heart and the fact I am currently the most experienced and eldest member of the team is a nice little boost to my ego