IWU Conquest 2 – The Results

On Saturday evening Independent Wrestling Universe based in Kettering held their last PPV of the year Conquest 2. 

Below we have the results from each of the fights: 


Next Gen Championship  

Nathan Archer (Champion) Defeated Alister Sixx 

In a high flying, high octane affair Heel Sixx dominated Archer for the early stages of the fight. Sixx used his devious tactics when he attempted to fool the ref with the use of the title belt but champion Archer prevailed as he finished the challenger with a Senton bomb to get the 3 count. 

With the fight over Archer was lynched by former champion James Cross and had to be helped out of the ring by medical assistance. 


4 Corner Tag Team Match 

East Midlands Breakers Defeated Team WIN, The Forgotten and 2Sassy 

A hard fought contest that had to be seen to be believed ! With lots of mayhem inside and outside of the ring, many of the competitors show great agility with some high risk, high flying moves but it was the East Midlands breakers who took the win on this occasion. 

After the final bell Connor Allbright of Team WIN turned on Tag Partner Morgan Black and tore up the unofficial tag team belts in the process. 


Singles Match 

Stealth Defeated Chris Tyler  

This battle of the fan favorites was one of the most exciting fights of the night. No competitor could find an advantage till Tyler’s attempted cross body failed and stealth took control. Both wrestlers showed great strength when exchanging  slams and both showed a never say die attitude. Stealth dragged Tyler to the top turnbuckle and performed a beautiful  suplex for a 2 count. Tyler sowed great recovery and hit stealth with the brain buster for a near fall. With a number of 2 counts Stealth came away with the 1-2-3. 



ASAP #1 Contender Battle Royale 

Winner A-Star Andy Poole 

Prior to this bout IWU Champion addressed the crowd in regards to his year reign with the belt. 

With the whole of the IWU involved in this battle royale, the ring was chaotic. Bodies getting thrown over the top rope left, right and centre. In the final 3 were Ritmo, Liam McCarthy and A-Star Andy Poole. These three guys battled it out till eventual winner eliminated Ritmo for the victory. 


Singles Match 

Judas Sexton Defeated Terry Isit  

In the penultimate scheduled match of the evening Terry Isit took on Judas (Hit the gas) Sexton. With Sexton taking an early lead, Isit had to resort to using dirty tactics to get himself back into the fight. As the battle continued it was hard to see where a winner was coming from but Sexton rolled up Isit for the victory. 



Imperfects Brawl Match 

The Imperfects Defeated The Classic Family Virus  

With a lot on the line (Control of IWU) both teams were looking for the win. The IWU asked fans to bring weapons to the match and they didn’t disappoint, with a range of hockey sticks, planks of wood and painted pumpkins. 

In the early stages of the brawl the action was taken to the outside where Monster of the imperfects used a cake tin and a cricket to inflict pain on the virus. With The classic family virus realizing they needed to change the tide, they kidnapped Monster from ringside and kept him in the back whilst they look to annihilate his fellow imperfects partner Danny West. All was not lost for west as Next Gen champion Nathan Archer came from the back to help. As the virus gained the advantage, the lights went out and when back on, Monster was standing in the ring and was ready for action. 

Monster grabbed a bag of tacks and covered the ring floor with them, but with a distraction from Andy Pool Monster was forced into the sharp metal objects. 

But with hardcore veteran was use to these levels of pain Monster regained his strength and along with West come out of the match as victors. Removing Virus from power. 


Impromptu Title Match 

Ritmo Defeated A-Star Andy Poole 

With the Imperfects regaining control of IWU from the classic family virus, they decided that Champion A-Star Andy Poole would put his belt on the line against Ritmo. 

Ritmo took his opportunity with both hands, if with a little help from the ref and finished Pool with a 540 splash from the top rope to become new IWU Champion  

Photo Credit: Graham Norris