Local Artist Sharmaine’s Next Performance

Seeing as it went so well last September, why not do it again? Sharmaine’s is performing at Fat Fugu in Northampton this Friday.

Shire Sounds Radio will be hosting this event as we are true fans of all things Sharmaine.

Hopefully she will be playing her new song ‘Distance’ which was released on July 7th following endless teasers on her Instagram. As she platformed the narrative for the song as a universal experience of familial disagreements.

Sharmaine has developed into a true independent artist through her strengthening selection of pop ballads. Drawing inspiration from loads of shared experiences, making it so easy for us to fall in love with her songs. Whether it’s the dance around your kitchen thrill of the trumpets in ‘Stop (Hold Me Back)’ or the emotional sway to ‘What A Broken Heart Can See’, Sharmaine knows how to keep us entertained.

And that will not be any different for Friday’s performance.

Fat Fugu, located on 24 Fish Street Northampton, is an award- winning tattoo and piercing studio by day, but come night it turns into a music venue, the site of Sharmaine’s upcoming performance.

Make sure to join the Shire Sounds team in enjoying this new and emerging talent from the incredible Sharmaine.