Ways To Listen


You can listen through the Shire Sounds RadioPlayer on your computer, laptop, mobile or tablet device, by simply clicking on the Listen Live button located at the top of every page of our website.

If you are listening on a mobile device or tablet, the listen live button is a black bar at the bottom. Due to an error with our website, it currently does not display the words “Listen Live”

iPhone, Android or Windows Phone

Click For iPhone App

Click For Android App

Click For Windows Phone

Amazon Alexa & Google Nest Devices

AMAZON ALEXA: “Alexa, Open Shire Sounds Radio”

GOOGLE NEST: “OK Google, Talk to Shire Sounds Radio”

Please note. If you have previously listened to Shire Sounds using the “Open Shire Sounds Kettering” command, you will need to disable this first in your Alexa App on your smartphone. Then ask your Alexa to “Open Shire Sounds Radio”

Sonos Speakers

iOS or Android App:

  1. Open the Sonos app.
  2. From the Settings tab, tap Services & Voice.
  3. Under Music & Content, tap Add a Service.
  4. Tap MyTuner Radio.
  5. Tap Add to Sonos.
  6. Search for Shire Sounds Kettering under the MyTuner Radio Service

Mac or Windows PC:

    1. Open the Sonos Desktop Software.
    2. Under the Select a Music Source section, click on Add Music Services.
    3. Search for MyTuner Radio.
    4. Search for Shire Sounds Kettering under the MyTuner Radio service.

FM & DAB Digital Radio

Shire Sounds is not currently available on FM or DAB Digital Radio. Watch this space for updates

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